A ten track LP by Dj/Producer HAS brings together an almagamation of sound, pushing boundaries for a journey of futuristic beats set for the genre-less generation. Deep in style, this is an eclectic production that covers all forms of underground influences from dub step, disco and house to experimental electronica. Released under the Rawjak imprint, 10 Kingdoms is his very first album.

Out on Beatport & all good digital stores on 27/10/10.

Artwork by Silly Rabbits Design

Mastered at Case Woo studio

International feedbacks:

Le Misericordieux by has

Tim Sweeny (Beats in Space) on Le Misericordieux….. digging what you’re doing there. looking forward to hearing more.

Joakim (Tigersushi)….tracks are really cool, i think my favorite is the epic Le Misericordieux one!

Peter Kruder (Gstone) on Le Misericordiuex….very cool tune….i like this…

KAOS on Le Misericordieux…..wow this is pretty goood. dark, like it.

House of House (DFA) on Le Misericordieux….solid will play this out!

Shit Robot (DFA) on Le Misericordieux…love the mellotron!!

Seiji (BITA) on The Hunter….mental!!! but i wouldnt go with the trippy part.

Fragilo (Azari & III) on The Hunter…cool, especially the weirdo out of tune synth sound that builds up, love that kind of shit!

Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) on Across The Universe…nice tune!

Phlash (Restless Soul) on Inaia….greatly deep!

Rasmus Faber (Farplane) on Inaia…Nice!!

Karen P on Hakeem….i love this!!!!

Andreas Saag (Swell Sessions)…like Hakeem best, deep and hypnotic with energetic drums.