Founded in 1996 with the spirit of the Paradise Garage as its core inspiration, Body and Soul injected a new lease of life into New York clubland as the most cherished sunday afternoon party. A pilgrimage of DJs, journalists, club and dance enthusiasts from all over the globe would come to bear witness to this seminal party and its 3 residents who would bring them to fever pitch week after week with an eclectic music palette of everything from House to Techno, Afro to Latin, Hip-Hop to Soul and a bevy of Garage classics that would have made even the late Larry Levan smile.Amidst their busy solo careers, the 3 tour as Body & Soul every year to continue the culture they created. A culture, that Francois puts so eloquently, “that is based on freedom of expression and the culture of Dancing. A Dance that should never stop”As Body and Soul finally makes its way to Singapore, this unity of what has been called ‘the holy trinity” is one event you should not miss- from start to finish.



zouk admission on 23 May for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $18 before 10pm, $25/$30 after