A wonderful trip it was & i’m finally back in Singapore.Big thank u to the De Brauxs/Rita for the lovely hospitality in Paris once more,Tyler Askew for goin thru the whole tour with me & last but not least,the lovely Frances Chong(Motorola) for supporting me always.

moto in vienna

Same But Different Dec 07

I practically put my luggage down,left home,had dinner & went straight to Pure(Ministry Of Sound,SG) to host my monthly club night with guest Angela(Flame) .Good turn out/lovely crowd for a Wednesday.Played across the board & ended with Eric Lau’s For the D….A nice welcome home party.Glad to see many familiar faces especially my peeps Earn,Poo & Foo who stayed till the very end 🙂 where the fuck was Ian though?

Time to catch up on some sleep……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz