Woke up at 6am today…was craving for some pain chocolat so i went the nearest boulangerie from Rita’s to have my breakfast.

Met Samuel & Yilin after lunch,the love birds have been here since Friday.Walked arnd Saint Honore,they did some major shoppin.I copped a pair of gloves from Brook’s Brothers as my hands were freezing.Went to Hermes for like 3 times cos Sam wanted to cop a Berkin for his mom.That place was like a fish market i swear.Probably the busiest boutique in the world.

Grabbed some proper hot chocolate from Angelina’s then went to M M M,dint have the shoe i wanted so had to order 🙁

Had dinner back at Rita’s(best mom in the world) & now im ready to koon faya koon jet lag kickin in big time.